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How to help your child with homework

U Don't Have to be a Whiz to Help Your Kidz!


Many parents comment that they do not know how to do the math so they can't help their child. That is not true!! Sometimes it might be better that you don't know how - ask your child to teach you - they'll remember it better.

Here are some tips to helping your child:

  • Most important, students must do their homework! Your job is to make sure they have a quiet place free of distractions like the computer, cell phone, PS3, XBOX, TV, etc.
  • Set the timer. If they know that they have to spend so much time on math homework, they might not be in such a hurry to get it done. (If they do finish before the timer goes off - have them practice basic facts.)
  • If they get stuck, your first response should be, "Let's see what it says in your toolkit". Their toolkit should be like thier best friend. No longer do students have to memorize a lot of formulas, etc. but they do need to use it. Many times a student will say, "Now I remember...". If so, ask them to teach you :>)
  • If that doesn't work, have them try to find another problem similar to this one. They are supposed to make sure that they have the correct answers with solutions in their notebooks.
  • www.cpm.org!  Go to student section and "homework help".  Find their text, chapter, then problem #.  Most problems guide students to the answer.
  • Next, have your child leave enough space in his or her notebook and go on to another problem. Come back to it later, sometimes a fresh look will help.
  • Last, when your child can honestly say he or she put their best effort, doing all they could, have them write me or their regular math teacher a note. The question(s) should be specific. "I don't understand." is not acceptable!
  • As you look over your child's homework, make sure that it is neat. Don't be afraid to make them redo it. Sooner, they'll realize that they don't want to have to redo it and do it right the first time.
  • Important - don't forget to ask your child the next day if they got their question answered. Ask them to show you how to do it (because you are curious).
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