Honors Algebra

Honors Algebra

Welcome to 8th Grade Honors Algebra!

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Formulas to know for PSSA's

-Perimeter and Area of a Rectangle
-Area of a Parallelogram
-Area of a Trapezoid
-Perimeter and Area of a Triangle
-Circumference and Area of a Circle
-Surface Area and Volume of a Cube
-Surface Area and Volume of a Rectangular Prism
-Pythagorean Theorem
-Simple Interest
-Sum of Angles Measures
-Temperature Conversions

Also be able to complete conversions regarding:
-Miles, yards, feet and inches
-Tons, pounds and ounces
-Gallons, quarts, pints, cups and ounces
-Days, hours, minutes, seconds
-km, m, cm, mm (could be done with grams as well)

Topics for the Algebra Keystone Exams

-Compare and order any real numbers.
-Simplify square roots.
-Find the GCF or LCM.
-Evaluate expressions using laws of exponents, roots and absolute values.
-Use estimation to solve problems.
-Add, subtract or multiply polynomial expressions.
-Factor algebraic expressions.
-Simplify a rational expression.
-Write, solve, and/or apply a linear equation.
-Use and/or identify algebraic properties to justify solving equations.
-Interpret solutions.
-Write and/or solve systems of linear equations.
-Write and/or solve compound inequalities.
-Write and/or solve systems of linear inequalities using graphs. 
-Analyze sets of data looking for patterns.
-Determine whether a relation is a function.
-Identify the domain and range of a function.
-Create, interpret, and/or use an equation, graph or table of a linear function.
-Translate from one representation of functions to another.
-Identify, describe and/or use constant rates of change.
-Apply concept of slope to solve problems.
-Write and/or identify linear equations given: a graph, 2 points or slope and one point.
-Determine the slope and/or y-intercept.
-Draw, identify, find and/or write an equation for the line of best fit on a scatter plot.
-Calculate and/or interpret the range, quartiles and interquartile range of a set of data.
-Estimate and/or calculate to make predictions based on data or graphs.
-Analyze, make predictions and/or answer questions in regards to box and whisker, stem and leaf plots and measures of central tendencies.
-Make predictions.
-Find the probability of compound events and represent them as a fraction, decimal and/or precent.

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