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7th & 8th Grade History
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Middle School History

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7th Grade History

7th Grade History
River Valley Civilizations

CYSO07.7.3.04Evaluate the impact of theenvironment on civilization development and continuity. (Culture,Economic Activities, Political Activities, Population, Settlement)
CYSO07.7.4.01 Analyze the effects of trade on movement of ideas, people, and customs.
CYSO07.8.1.01 Demonstrate continuity and change over time using sequential order and context of events.
CYSO07.8.4.01 Identify the characteristics ofcivilization. (e.g. Evidence of Hierarchy, Monumental Architecture,Writing, Formal Political/Religious Institutions, and Education.)
CYSO07.8.4.02 Examine the development and accomplishments of ancient cultures in the Eastern Hemisphere.
CYSO07.8.4.03 Demonstrate an understanding of individuals and social classes.
CYSO07.8.4.03 Summarize the social, political, cultural and economic contributions of individuals and groups.
CYSO07.8.4.04 Demonstrate an understanding of cultural diversity and patterns of change.
CYSO07.8.4.05 Determine the benefits and challenges of cultural diversity within society.
CYSO07.8.4.06Explore and describe how the major religions of the world (up to andincluding the Reformation) impacted daily life.
CYSO07.8.4.07 Explain how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the history of the world.
CYSO07.5.1.02Compare and contrast early government systems (i.e. monarchy,oligarchy, feudalism, democracy, republic, theocracy).
CYSO07.5.2.01 Explore the evolution of individual rights.
CYSO07.5.2.02 Compare and contrast the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in early governments.
CYSO07.5.4.01 Explain how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the history of the world.

Essential Questions:
  1. How did successful agriculture lead to specialization? (Cause & Effect, Drawing Conclusions, Relevant Evidence)
  2. What physical features aided the development of ancient civilizations? (Drawing Conclusions, Prioritizing, Categorization)
  3. Compare and contrast the components of a civilization in river valley civilizations. (Comparison, Perspective)
  4. How did legends and myths help shape early religious beliefs? (Cause & Effect, Drawing Conclusions, Evaluating)

  5. How does religion impact on daily life? (Cause & Effect, Drawing Conclusions, Periodization). What are the similarities and differences of the worlds major religions? (Cause & Effect, Comparision, Drawing Conclusions, Classifying, Categorization)

  6. Are social religious values a necessary component of early civilization? (Bias, Perspective, EvaluatingEvaluate the relationship between trade and commerce among the early civilizations. (Cause & Effect, Classifying, Interpretation)

  7. How did conflict impact the development of the river valley civilizations? ( Cause & Effect, Drawing Conclusions, Periodization)
  8. What were the specific contributions of the river valley civilizations? (Categorization, Classifying, Relevant Evidence)


8th Grade History

8th Grade History
Colonial Period

CYSO08.7.2.01 Explain the characteristics of the three colonial regions
CYSO08.7.3.01 Analyze (utilizing charts, graphs and maps) Important places and regions by populations, settlement, economic activities, and political activities
CYSO08.8.1.01 Identify relevant historical interpretations.
CYSO08.8.3.01 Examine the role groups and individuals played in the social, political, cultural, and economic development of the United States.
CYSO08.8.3.02 Evaluate the importance of historical documents critical to the United States.
CYSO08.8.3.06 Explain the diversity of Native American groups and government policy towards them
CYSO08.8.3.08 Describe the tactical and strategic elements of conflict.
CYSO08.5.4.01 Describe how national interests lead to agreements and conflicts between and among countries.
CYSO08.6.3.02 Explain how government actions may affect international trade (balance and imbalanced trade)


1. What were the push - pull factors that led to the settlement of the different British colonial regions?

2. Compare and contrast the three major British colonial regions (geography, government, society, economics).

3.What was the impact of the French and Indian War on the relationshipsbetween the Colonists, Native Americans, and the British?




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