Rock Wall Permission Slip


Dear Parents:

As part of Central York Middle School’s physical education curriculum program, your student will have the opportunity to climb our rock wall.  The activities utilizing the climbing wall will enhance cooperation among students and develop a classroom culture of support and risk taking.

Other benefits for incorporating climbing wall activities as part of the physical education program include:
1.   Increasing the amount of strenuous physical activity
2.   Motivating students to be physically fit
3.   Strengthening upper and lower body muscles
4.   Encouraging students to take risks
5.   Promoting a new excitement for physical education classes

Safety is our #1 concern.  All students are instructed and required to pass safety tests including how to belay and back-up belay. As well as properly wearing a climbing harness and helmet.  The climbing wall measures 26ft high and 24 ft wide.  Sturdy climbing mats are placed on the floor beneath the wall. 

Please compete the form below indicating your decision regarding you child’s involvement in the climbing wall activities.

Ed McManama

CLIMBING WALL PERMISSION FORM (Return this to CYMS main office)

Student Name: ____________________________________ Grade____________

Parent Name: ________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________

_____ Yes, I will allow my son/daughter to use the climbing wall as part of the P.E. curriculum.

_____ No, I will not allow my son/daughter to use the climbing wall as part of the P.E curriculum, and I understand that an alternate written report will be assigned.