Grade 8 ESL


Learners will learn to write Argument essays this month.  They will write 3 essays using Internet research. The first essay will be completed in a small group.  The second and third essay will be completed independently.  



All English Language Learners will be taking the ACCESS test this February.  This is a proficiency test that measures their growth in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Scores will be received during the summer months.

Writing:  "I Have a Dream" essays.  Student will compose 5 paragraph essays.  Writing focus will be on organization 

Reading:  current events articles at individual reading levels

Grammar:  Present Perfect Verb Tense

January Topic:  I Have a Dream 

                                  Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King Jr..png

Vocabulary  (clink to link to quizlet)

Students in this class will work on the following skills:

Reading-  Students will use close reading process to analyze text and increase reading comprehension.  They will work on academic vocabulary and summarizing text

"I Have a Dream"  speech by MLK
Newsela current events articles
RAZ Kids biography on MLK

Writing-  Learners will continue to write 5 paragraph essays.  They will focus on organization.  The essay topic will be "I Have a Dream,"  writing about an area that each student would like to change.

Listening- continue to work on selective listening skills.  Students will listen to interviews of people who were present at the March on Washington

Speaking- Each student will create an iPad project, to share ideas from their "I Have a Dream" essays