Wisner, Mr. Scott


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year on Team P!

We have high expectations and goals for all of our students. Our slogan is "Team P ROAR"'s, which is an acrostic for Responsibility, Optimism, Altruism, and Respect. We will be emphasizing these qualities across all classes on our team.

We trust that we can all work together (teachers, parents, and students) to offer outstanding opportunities for every student on Team P to maximize their potential this school year.

In Algebra, we will be spending the first few weeks outlining and practicing classroom procedures and developing appropriate, positive study team work habits. CPM is a highly cooperative math program that emphasizes and is dependent upon quality study team collaboration. We have seen outstanding growth and witnessed great improvement in PSSA scores as a result of implementing the CPM curriculum.

If, at any time, you need help with textbook problems, please access www.cpm.org, click on Homework Help under Student Resources, then choose the chapter under the picture of our textbook (Core Connections Algebra for Honors, Algebra Connections for regular) to get hints for homework exercises. NOTE: Both texts are labeled as high school books.

I am confident that we will have GREAT success this year in Algebra on Team P! I am looking forward to overcoming the challenges and enjoying the accomplishments that we will encounter along the way!!


Homework assignments are posted daily in Schoology. Daily agenda items, needed resources, and scheduled quizzes and tests will also all be posted in Schoology. Students can access all of these and also see in calendar view in the appropriate course.