Carlisle, Mrs. Kathleen

Team H Language Arts - Grade 8
Through reading, writing, speaking and listening this year, we will explore many voices from literature, poetry, essays, and articles and work on developing our own voice in writing and speaking, using language appropriate to the task.  We will build literacy skills through a variety of activities and explorations in a workshop-style class format.  

Eighth grade will be an exciting year... get ready to turn up the H.E.A.T.!

Mrs. Carlisle
[email protected] and (717) 846-6789 ext. 1646

Our units this year include:
Voices from Within
Voices Around Us
Voices of Survival
Voices from the Past


Our academic year is built around themes that will encourage students to inquire and respond to the changing world around them through reading, writing, speaking and listening:

MP1/Unit One: Voices From Within

Biography, Personal Narrative

* The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs

MP2/Unit Two: Voices of Survival

Nonfiction, Informational Writing

* To Build a Fire by Jack London

MP3/Unit Three: Voices Around Us

Realistic Fiction, Argumentative Writing

* Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

MP4/Unit Four: Voices from the Past

Historical Fiction, Science Fiction

* A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury

* Indicates the common text read and assessed by all eighth graders at CYMS.  


We will be working on more than one skill or reading at a time so it is important for students to stay organized.  Here are the top three things to do in order to keep on track:
1.  Check Schoology for all class materials.  This includes handouts, assignments or other announcements that have been posted -especially on the right side Calendar.  You should also set your Notifications to send you posted updates.
2.  Skyward will have updated grades that should be checked at least once a week.  Any questions or concerns should be brought to my attention.
3.  Check your email on a daily basis for updates from school teachers and administrators.

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Continue to check updates and the events calendar on Schoology for ongoing and short-term assignments.