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Standards for Participation in Co-Curricular Activities


(as printed and agreed upon in the CYHS Student/Parent Handbook)


All students in the Central York School District are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities. Through participation, a student has an opportunity to develop skills, build positive relationships and gain a sense of self-satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. That participation is a privilege and demands responsibility on the part of the student.


Philosophy Statement:


In recognition of the importance of the total development of the student, the secondary schools of the Central York School District shall, to the extent possible, provide a comprehensive program of co- curricular activities. The success of the co-curricular activities program depends upon each individual in the program developing his or her potential to the fullest and accepting responsibility to the group as a whole. To this end, participants in the co-curricular program shall be held to these standards of conduct.


Definition of Participant:


A participant is a student who has met all eligibility requirements for the co-curricular activity established by the Central York School district, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, or the York Area Interscholastic Athletic Association; agrees to participate under the terms and conditions set forth by these standards; and has provided the required verifications. The building principal shall make the final determination of student eligibility.


Period of Eligibility


The regulations set forth in these standards will be in effect from the first date that the participant becomes involved with the activity and continuing through the last day of the activity. In the case of athletic teams and activities, which are seasonal, the period will normally extend from the first to the last day of that specific activity. During the period of application, these rules will apply on a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) day a week basis. In activities, which are both curricular and co-curricular, i.e. band, chorus, the suspension will be from the co- curricular program only.


Procedure for the Enforcement of the Standards:


The participant or parent will be provided with substantial evidence regarding alleged violations before a penalty is imposed. Following the imposition of any penalty, the participant or parent may initiate an appeal to the building principal.


I.   Standards


As a student participating in any co-curricular activity in the Central York School District, I agree to abide by the following rules of habit and conduct. I will:


A.   Treat opponents, Officials, Coaches, Directors, Advisors, Judges, other participants and spectators

  with respect. I recognize that I represent Central York School District and must behave accordingly.


B.   Refrain from the use of all alcohol, nicotine, or controlled substances in any form, other than those

  as prescribed by a physician.


C.   Strive to maintain the highest academic average that I am capable of in all my courses in school.


D.   Be responsible for all uniforms or parts of uniforms and any equipment that has been assigned to

  me. Failure to return the same at the end of the co-curricular season/activity means that I will not be

  allowed to participate in other co-curricular activities until the articles are paid for or returned. Failure

  to return the same by the end of the school year will result in year-end report cards or diplomas

  being held until the articles are paid for or returned.


E.   (Athletics only) Not participate in any after school athletic intramural programs during the entire

  season in which I am participating unless I have a signed note from the head coach of the in-season

  sport, stating I may participate in intramurals.


II.   Academic Eligibility


A.   To be eligible for participation in a co-curricular activity, a student must pursue a full-time curriculum

  and must be passing a minimum of 75% of his or her credits.* (In most cases, this means that a

  student cannot be failing more than 1 class.)  * A semester course in the block schedule is equal to t

  wo traditional credits under PIAA policy. Eligibility shall be determined on a weekly basis. Students

  who do not meet this academic requirement on a weekly basis will be placed on probation.  When

  student grades are reported and reviewed each Monday, if it is determined that a student is not

  passing 75% of current credits, he or she will be ineligible from that Monday through Sunday of the

  next week for a total of 7 days. EXAMPLE: On Monday - student is reported ineligible. On Monday,

  the student begins the 7-day ineligibility period. During the period of ineligibility, the student will be

  permitted to practice but may not participate in athletic contests or public performances. Students

  involved in activities that do not have public performances may not participate in that activity for the

  Ineligible period (i.e. Student Council, etc.) Upon regaining eligibility, it will be at the discretion of the

  Coach/Director/Advisor as to when the athlete/student may participate in contests/activities.


B.   A student will be removed from the remainder of any co-curricular activity for the remainder of that

  season/length of the activity, if the student is on the weekly ineligibility list for three times during the

  season/length of the activity or on the semester ineligibility list and on the weekly ineligibility list

  once during the season/length of the activity.


C.   If at the end of a nine-week marking period the student has not earned a G.P.A. of at least 1.5

  and passed at least 75% of his or her credits, the student will be placed on probation for

  fifteen (15) school days. The probation will begin on the day the eligibility list is published.

  During the 15-day probation, the student will be permitted to practice but not participate in athletic

  contests.  Students involved in non-athletic activities will be permitted to practice but not perform in

  public performances. Upon regaining eligibility, it will be at the discretion of the Director/Advisor if

  the student may participate in the remainder of the activity. In the event the activity does not have

  public performances, the student will not be permitted to participate in the activity for the probation



D.   At the end of the school year, the student’s final credits earned for the year rather than the credits

  earned during the last grading period will determine a student’s eligibility at the beginning of the

  subsequent school year. A student who fails to earn seven (7) credits from the previous school year

  will be permitted to practice, but will not be able to compete or participate in public performances

  during the first fifteen (15) school days of the subsequent school year. A student who fails to earn

  seven (7) credits for the year, but attends summer school and corrects deficiencies, could be eligible,

  pending administrative review. (When applicable, Section D supersedes Section C above).


E.   A grade of “incomplete” at a marking period, which results from a student’s extended excused

  absence from school, may be remedied in accordance with school rules. When 75% of the student’s

  class load is at a passing level, the student will be fully reinstated.


III.   Attendance Requirements


Students who participate in co-curricular activities will be expected to maintain regular school attendance.


A.   To be eligible to participate in a contest/practice/public performance/activity on any given day, the

  student must report to school by 10:30 a.m. A student arriving after 10:30 a.m. because of an

  illness, may be permitted to participate if they have a doctor’s note.


B.   The following consequences will be issued when a student arrives to school after 10:30 a.m. without

  proper documentation.

· First Violation: Prohibited from participation in any co-curricular activity scheduled for that date.

·  Second Violation: First Violation plus prohibited from participation in the next scheduled event of that co-   curricular activity.

· Third Violation: Removal from team or activity.


C.   Students that have 3 unexcused tardies will be suspended from the next athletic contest. Students

  involved in non-athletic activities will be suspended from participating in the next two activities/rehearsals.


IV.   Rules and Regulations


The following guidelines have been formulated concerning the conduct of students involved in all co-curricular activities.


A.   The use or distribution of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances including anabolic steroids not

  prescribed for a valid medical purpose by a physician is prohibited.  ACTION: Immediate removal

  from any Co-Curricular Activity for the remainder of that season or year’s activity.


B.   The use or possession of tobacco products: ACTION: First Violation: A one-week suspension from

  any Co-Curricular Activity. The student will not be permitted to participate in any practices or

  contests for the period of the suspension. Second Violation: Removal from any co-curricular activity.


C.   Stealing of equipment or personal items is prohibited: ACTION: Removal from any co-curricular

  activity for the remainder of that season or year’s activity, and restitution for items.


D.   Suspension from school (In-School and Out-of-School Suspensions) ACTION: Students are not

  permitted to participate in any co- curricular activity nor be a spectator at school-sponsored events

  on the days of suspensions. All penalties end at midnight of the last day of suspension.


E.   Any behavior unbecoming of a Central York student is justification for disciplinary action at the

  discretion of Coaches/Directors/Advisors or school administration, and will be considered a violation

  of these standards. Examples, but not limited to: Violence and acts of violence, lying, cheating,

  profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect, or any inappropriate behaviors in the school setting.

  Coaches/Directors/Advisors will administer appropriate disciplinary action and confer with the Athletic

  Director and/or school administration concerning student misbehavior.


F.   PIAA and YAIAA rules stipulate that if an athlete is disqualified from an event due to

inappropriate behavior at an event for other activities covered under this document may result in a

similar suspension.

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