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Team Pledge and Rules

The Pledge of Teamwork


P is for People

We have many different types of people on our team. I pledge to treat all of my team members and with respect and kindness. I recognize that I will have disagreements with my teammates and coaches, but I will put these differences aside for the good of the team.


L is for Laughter

It is important for our team to laugh and have fun. There is laughter that builds people up, cements relationships, and builds our team’s spirit. However, there is laughter that tears people down. I pledge that I will promote the right kind of laughter, in public, and in private, to help build our team community.


E is for Effort

I have a responsibility to work hard in practice and during games. I will do my best to be at all practices on time, and I will always give my best effort. I pledge to my teammates and that during our time together, I will direct all of my attention to the game of basketball.


D is for Direct Communication

If I have a question or concern with a teammate, I pledge to talk to them directly. I will avoid negative gossip, and I will resist the formation of “rival cliques” that destroy morale and productivity. I will also give my teammates and coaches direct compliments and say “thank you” whenever I can.



G is for Guidance

I pledge to support the growth and development of my teammates. I will help them with their understanding of skills or team concepts if they ask for my advice. If someone is struggling, I will offer my support in order to make our team more successful.


E is for Empathy

I pledge that I will do my best to understand my teammates. I will make an effort to find out what is important to them, and what makes them happy. I pledge to walk a mile in their shoes before rushing to judgment or presenting areas of disagreement. To get that kind of consideration from others, I know I have to give it back, and of course......I know that I am far from perfect!





1. Each student must adhere to all PIAA and CYSD standards for student participation to be academically eligible to participate. If  you appear on the ineligible list, you may practice but NOT play in games.


2. Each student must abide by the guidelines outlined in the Co- Curricular Conduct Code and are subject to the disciplinary measures therein.  In addition, the use or possession of tobacco products is prohibited and will result in a suspension.


3. The first practice and/or game missed without appropriate cause and/or without the coach's advance permission will result in a one-week suspension from the team.  A second violation will result in a meeting with the principal or AD and parents, and could result in expulsion from the team.


4. Suspension from school for any infraction of the general rules of the school will

result in suspension from the team during the duration of the suspension and may result in permanent  dismissal from the team for that school year.


5. Any act of insubordination toward any member of the coaching staff or conduct detrimental to the team (including any negative social media posts) will result in

a hearing with the principal or AD and parents and could result in suspension from the team.


6. Students are responsible for the care and return of school equipment and uniforms.  Failure to comply will result in a financial obligation to the school.


7. Appropriate dress is expected on all team trips (games, etc.).


8. Use of cell phones during practice is NOT permitted. They may not be used or accessed without permission during this time.


9. Students are required to ride the bus TO and FROM ALL away team events (scrimmages and games).  Each player is allowed (2) exceptions as long as the transportation form is completed and given to the coach in advance. 


10. ALL INJURIES MUST BE REPORTED TO A COACH IMMEDIATELY!  A doctor's note or trainer's permission is required to miss practices/games during recovery from an injury AND for return to practices/games after recuperation is




I agree to abide by the rules outlined above. The signatures below indicate our mutual intention to follow and be held accountable to the rules and consequences included therein.

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