Grolemund, Ms. Gina

  Ms. Grolemund's 8th Grade

Language Arts Class


Course Overview

Students will continue to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in 8th grade Language Arts. Students will read, analyze, and interpret literature of various genres; participate in literature-based assignments and projects; and develop reading strategies for content areas. Students will also engage in multiple types of writing - striving to improve their writing quality in multiple genres. Through this, students will refine their ability to write using proper conventions and spelling, increase their vocabulary, and advance their research skills.

Student Book Selections

Students are expected to have a book with them at all times and should select books that appeal to their interests and are appropriate for their reading level. I encourage parents to briefly skim the book that your child is reading to ensure your comfort with the material.


According to the student handbook:

"It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to complete any assignments missed during all absences. Students may wish to check with classmates and/or the teacher to determine what work was missed... Students will have two days, for each day of absence, to make up tests and quizzes... If a student goes on an educational trip, work should be requested prior to the trip and handed in no later than five school days after the child has returned from the trip."

Unit Schedule

Everyone Has a Voice!
Marking Period 1: Voices of Survival
Marking Period 2: Voices Around Us
Marking Period 3: Voices from Within
Marking Period 4: Voices of the Past