Goheen, Ms. Elizabeth

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waving tiger

Let me win.
If I cannot win;
Let me be brave in the attempt.
Special Olympics Motto


Unit 1:  Challenges
Students will face the same conflicts and obstacles that the characters face in the fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama texts we'll read.

Unit 2: Curiosity. This unit will explore man's nature to explore and investigate the unknown by looking at informational nonfiction, science fiction and fantasy, and poetry skills.

Unit 3: Interactions. During this unit, students will identify ways that characters are developed in various types of texts including persuasive and argumentative texts, drama, and nonfiction.

Unit 4: Reflections. In our last unit of the year, students will apply the skills they've learned in a culture project. They will read and analyze historical fiction.

Universal Skills: These reading, writing, vocabulary, research, and communication skills will help students improve their ability to communicate in a variety of ways and will be practiced all year long.

Useful Tools:
Edmodo - class communication tool; one way to hand in assignments and take quizzes
Weebly - houses our handouts, worksheets, videos
  • Interactive Notebook (5-subject spiral notebook with pockets) - kept in class
  • Pencil pouch (colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, pencils, etc)
  • iPad (fully charged) with headphones
  • Pencils
  • Reading Book (on device or paperback)