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Read 180

Welcome back! I am excited to meet my students and get started with a fun year! The first marking period in Read 180, students will work on a unit about immigration and the challenges that people face as they move to a new country and work to get acclimated there. Informative articles, personal accounts, and videos will provide the content as we learn about this topic. Our comprehension focus for this marking period will be determining main idea and supporting details. Students will have multiple opportunities to practice this skill throughout the marking period. On a weekly basis, students will also have several class periods that provide time for independent reading and working on Read 180 topic software (ipad or computer based) to improve their reading skills.

What is Read 180?

Read 180 is a reading program designed to help struggling readersgain more confidence with reading skills and increase reading levels.The daily schedule includes: whole group instruction, small grouprotations - computer software, independent reading, and small groupinstruction w/ the teacher, and whole group wrap-up.

There are several components of the READ 180 program, including:

-Interactive textbooks that students use with direct guidance from theteacher to learn reading skills, academic vocabulary, writing, andgrammar;

-  Software to build skills and provide practice in essential areas such as phonics, fluency, spelling, and comprehension;

- Audiobooks to allow students to read grade-level texts along with thehelp of a Narrator and Reading Coach, who model the strategies thatsuccessful readers use;

-   Paperbacks to allow students to independently read high-interest books at their appropriate reading level.

System 44

Welcome back! I look forward to a great year with my students! 

In System 44, we will focus on understanding letters and their sounds to form words. Students will practice these skills on a regular basis with System 44 software (ipad or computer based) that is adapted to their current reading levels. Students will then put these skills into practice as they independently read several times a week. We also work together in small groups on reading comprehension as we read a variety of informative pieces that center around topics such as how to prepare for college, the skills needed to be a Navy SEAL, and the positive benefits of online gaming. 

 What is system 44? 

System44 is a focus on foundational reading skills for those students whofind themselves struggling to decode words. Explicit instruction inclose reading as well as scaffolded instruction and repeated practicehelps students feel more confident about their reading. Our dailyschedule includes: whole group instruction, small group instructionand/or independent reading, and adaptive technology provided on theMacbooks. 

Components of System 44 include: 

  • The interactive textbook, known as the 44book, uses engaging text to help students understand reading in the "real world."
  • The computer software focuses on "the code" or the 44 sounds our alphabet uses to make all known words. Students build decoding confidence as well as fluency and comprehension skills with repeated practice on the software. 
  • The System 44 classroom library provides opportunities for students to practice their strengthening skills with books at their current reading level. The books cover a multitude of topics and genres that grab any teen's attention.