Questions and Answers

1)  When does band meet?
2)  What are some of the opportunities for my child in the band at CYMS?
3)  How often does the CYMS band perform, and what is the time commitment?
4)  Is band a graded subject, and if so, how are grades determined?
5)  Can my child do band and sports at CYMS?
6)  How do I get involved as a parent?
1)  Q When does band meet?
Band meets during activity period, from 2:10-2:45. In the fall, the 7th grade band meets on days 4 and 5, and the 8th grade band meets on days 2 and 3, with the combined band (grades 7 and 8) meeting together on day 6. Following our fall evaluations, students are split into two performing groups, the wind ensemble and the symphonic band, which meet on separate days. Symphonic band meets on days 4 & 5, while the wind ensemble meets on days 2 & 3, again with the combined bands meeting on day 6.
2)  Q What are some of the opportunities for my child in the band at CYMS?
The band program at CYMS is very involved and offers students MANY opportunities to explore and expand their musical potential. All students are expected to participate in marching band in the fall. The marching band performs in our annual band day celebration with the CYHS band and the elementary bands, as well as performs in 1 or 2 local parades. There are 2 concert bands -- the symphonic band and the wind ensemble -- which perform at Christmas and the spring, and other times as needed throughout the school year. We have a brass ensemble during the winter holidays, aptly titled Christmas Brass, and a small ensemble program which is active following the winter holidays with a recital in mid-March. There is a jazz program, which features a traditional big band, as well as a club setting for jazz improvisation and combo playing. Lastly, we offer a traditional fife and drum corps, playing music from the American Revolution and portraying a typical corps found in the 18th century.
3)  Q How often does the CYMS band perform, and what is the time commitment?
The CYMS band performs at the district's annual band day celebration, which is a pre-game performance at one of the home varsity football games alongside the CYHS Marching Band, and students from the elementary bands. Additionally, the band performs in 2 parades each fall. The band does a holiday concert in December, a March concert with the CYHS Bands and 6th grade bands from NHE & SSE, and a spring concert in May. There are other performance opportunities which occur in the various other ensembles as part of the band program. A student's time commitment is dependent upon how involved that student wants to be. The extra-curricular ensembles - fife and drum corps, jazz band, small ensembles - all meet after school from 3-4, but the concert bands meet during the school day. There are occasional after school rehearsals for the concert bands, but those are usually in the last few weeks before a performance. Some students choose to be in many after school ensembles, while others choose to only do the ensembles which meet during the school day.
4)  Q Is band a graded subject, and if so, how are grades determined?
Yes, band is a graded subject at CYMS. Band is a curricular academic subject that meets during the regular school day. As an extension of the classroom, several evening and weekend events are required and necessary part of the curriculum. As an academic subject, band carries the same responsibility as other subjects, and you are expected to work and achieve in the same way. You will receive a grade in band. Grades will be uploaded to the school website daily. Since band is regarded as an academic class, all students receive a grade for band based upon their attendance, attitude and behavior, and musical performance and achievements.

Please refer to the band handbook for detailed grading criteria.
5)  Q Can my child do band and sports at CYMS?
It IS very easy to do both athletics and band at CYMS. The coaches and music staff work very closely together and very well with each other to ensure that all students are able to participate in as many activities as possible. Our philosophy at CYMS is that students should be involved in the life of the school, and be as well rounded as possible. We accomplish that by encouraging students to get involved and stay involved in as much as they feel comfortable with. Our band policy regarding rehearsals/performances and athletic conflicts is very simple. We ask that student athletes split time between rehearsals and practices – i.e., if there is an athletic practice til 5:00, and a band practice til 4:00, stay at band until 3:40, then go to football/field hockey/track, etc… An athletic competition (game, meet, etc.) always takes precedence over a rehearsal. If there is a situation where there is a performance and an athletic event, we work it out with the individual coach per the situation. We do ask that you keep your coaches informed of all dates and conflicts. We (the music staff and the athletic coaches) have a very open and excellent relationship and work very well together to provide as many opportunities for success for all of the students at CYMS.
6)  Q How do I get involved as a parent?
There are LOTS of opportunities to be involved as a parent in the CYMS band programs. First, be sure that your CYSD Clearances are up to date and current. You can find information regarding clearances on the district homepage. Then, fill out the parent volunteer form found under the "Handbook, policies, and forms" tab on the left column of this page. Volunteers are always needed for chaperoning events, helping with food and drinks at parties, helping to distribute uniforms in the summer, sewing and alterations, towing the trailer, the list goes on and on... The great success of the CYMS Band depends on you as a parent. Education in general, and music education specifically is truly a partnership. Please be a willing partner!!!