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Band Parents Meeting
7:30 pm Thursday, Sept. 7

The Central York School District has been named to the

Best Communities for Music Education in America list for 2017!!!!

This marks the TENTH consecutive year which we have been named to the prestigious list and our 11th listing since 2005.  Congratulations!!!!



Monday, 9/18                                    Day 1

6th period         8th grade drums

7th period         Bells (7th & 8th grade)

8th period         7th grade drums

9th period         Fifes & Drums

Tuesday, 9/19                                    Day 2

8th period         8th grade brass

9th period         8th grade band

Wednesday, 9/20                           Day 3

3rd period         8th grade drums

4th period         8th grade woodwinds

7th period         8th grade brass

8th period         8th grade woodwinds

9th period         8th grade band

3:00-4:00         Fife & Drum

Thursday, 9/21                                    Day 4

2nd period         7th grade drums

3rd period          7th grade woodwinds

4th period         7th grade brass

6th period         8th grade woodwinds

8th period         8th grade brass

9th period         Combined Band

Friday, 9/22                                    Day 5

7th period         7th grade brass

8th period         7th grade woodwinds

9th period         Fifes & Drums


Saturday, 9/23

         Fifes & Drums at Paoli Battlefield Reenactment

         Report to CYMS at 2:00 pm.


1st  period General Music   -  Week of 9/18/17

Begin Keyboard Unit - playing with the right hand and playing with the left hand, eventually putting both hands together!   Reading notes in bass and treble clef.