8th Grade Math

8th grade

Welcome to 8th grade math!

This week in math...
8/24/16: Welcome back!

Homework Help:
CPM.org >> student support >> homework help >> select chapter from pull down menu under Algebra Connections

Students should access their Schoology account to see what is going on in class each day. 

Formulas to know for PSSA's

-Perimeter and Area of a Rectangle
-Area of a Parallelogram
-Area of a Trapezoid
-Perimeter and Area of a Triangle
-Circumference and Area of a Circle
-Surface Area and Volume of a Cube
-Surface Area and Volume of a Rectangular Prism
-Pythagorean Theorem
-Simple Interest
-Sum of Angles Measures
-Temperature Conversions

Also be able to complete conversions regarding:
-Miles, yards, feet and inches
-Tons, pounds and ounces
-Gallons, quarts, pints, cups and ounces
-Days, hours, minutes, seconds
-km, m, cm, mm (could be done with grams as well)

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