Wilke, Ms. Barbara

the exciting world of  art opening for you

This class will help to develop the art skills from the elementary level Drawing and 3-d projects will be presented that should push the  developmental growth of the learner.


Students are to be in class before the late bell.
Students are expected to work the entire period.
Students should be prepared for class every day.
Students should thoroughly clean tools and work spaces.
No food or drinks in the studio.

Grades will be determined by evaluation of work habits, planning, insight, craftsmanship, , criteria for Artsonia submission and aesthetics.

An example of a fine art student produced outdoor instillation.
Students will be creating four major projects during the year.  There will a date given for working on the project during class time, but final due date will be one day before the end of the term. This will allow extra time to make up work due to illness or choosing a difficult project.  Time should be scheduled during flex period by the student to complete any unfinished work prior to the end of term and as soon as possible after class working time has ended.