Frequently Asked Questions

Central York Middle School 

Frequently Asked Questions by Middle School Parents and Students


What if my child is absent or on a trip for an extended period of time? How do I request work from teachers?

To request work for your child due to an extended absence or educational trip, click here to complete a Work Request Form. We will begin collecting work when this form has been completed. Please allow 24 hours before picking up any work. Parents can pick up work in the CYMS Main Office. 

What is the Activity Bus? Where does the Activity Bus makes stops?

The Activity Bus is an afternoon bus that is provided for those students who have stayed after school for an extra-curricular or co-curricular activity. The activity bus picks up in the front of hte the Middle School at 4:15 (West) and 4:30 (East) or 5:15 (West) and 5:30 (East). To see a listing of where the Activity Bus stops click here

What if my child forgets something needed for school? 

Any forgotten items can be brought to the Main Office with your child's name on the item. To avoid interrupting classes, students are called to pick up items at 11:00 and 2:00. 

How do I check my child's grades online?

If you are a parent/guardian of a CYSD students in grades 7-12, you can create your own account to access your child's grades and attendance online. If you need assistance or have additional questions, please contact the Middle School Office for assistance.

When does my child's team meet? 

Each team meets on a daily basis to discuss student concerns, meet with parents and plan collaborative activities. To see your team schedule for your child click here. To schedule a meeting with your child's team contact the Team Leader. Team Leaders for the Middle School are as follows:

Team P:

Mr. Scott Wisner

Team A:

Ms. Tammy Howell

Team N:

Mr. Sean Potts

Team T:

Mr. Brian Heisey

Team H:

Mr. Jim Miller

Team E: 

Ms. Lora Frese

Team R: 

Ms. Kathy Hughes

What extra-curricular activities are available for students?

We encourage students to be involved in activities outside of school. By being active, students are maintaining their physical health, while also developing skills related to time managment and responsibility. To see a listing of all activities available to students, click here