Werner, Mr. Mark

Complete Word Maps and Boston Massacre Newspaper articles.
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Greetings to Team A,The 8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum will cover the time periods from the Age of Exploration to the Reconstruction Era. During the school year we will focus on various methods of instruction. The students will need a notebook and a pencil or pen. We will concentrate of key reading, writing and oral communications skills. In doing this, we will concentrate on activities that will keep the students actively involved with their learning. As we differentiate to meet the needs of the students there will be numerous textbooks available. These will include the following: Creating America, The American Nation, A History of US, America and certain high school and college textbooks. These textbooks will help meet everyone's academic needs.Team A students will complete numerous oral reports on their particular interest on the The Age of Exploration and the Colonial Period. If any students have visited any significant sites that are covered in the curriculum they are encouraged to present their experiences to the class. Currently, Team A students are finishing their oral presentations on their thesis papers on the effectiveness of the early presidents.

Team A students are examining the Early Settlements in America.   All current work is listed on the Current Assignment board The Objective Questions are being completed and will include important ideas and concepts. They are also working on Word Maps that allow the students to examine important words on many different levels. Team A students are working on Reading Apprenticeship skills to help better understand the content. All Team A students are working on Evidence/Interpretation sheets. They will be using computers to help them with their research as they complete their sheets. Our studentswill be writing First Person accounts on the lives of key historicalfigures, creating Venn Diagrams, Cause and Effect Charts, and various types of Graphic Organizers.Team A students will be using different textbooks. These textbooks include the following: The American Nation,Creating America, The World, and A History of Us. It is essential that all Team A students study every night. It is suggested that the materialbe reviewed for fifteen to twenty minutes.