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I am SO excited to start making music with everyone this school year!

Chorus Rehearsal for wk of 1/21:
Fri. 1/24 (day 1) - RYV

Chorus Rehearsal for wk of 1/27:

Mon. 1/27 (day 2) - 7th grade choir
Tues. 1/28 (day 3) - 7th grade choir
Wed. 1/29 (day 4) - 8th grade choir
Thurs. 1/30 (day 5) - 8th grade choir
Fri. 1/31 (day 6) - 7th grade choir

Chorus Sectionals for wk of 1/21:
Fri. 1/24 (day 1) - pd 5: 7/8 sopranos, pd 6: 7/8 altos, pd 9: RYV

Chorus Sectionals for wk of 1/27:
Mon. 1/27 (day 2) - pd 1: RYV, pd 6: 7/8 boys, pd 9: 7th grade choir, 3-4pm: CYMS DRAMA INTRAMURAL
Tues. 1/28 (day 3) - pd 6: 7/8 altos, pd 9: 7th grade choir, 3-4pm: RYV
Wed. 1/29 (day 4) - pd 9: 8th grade choir
Thurs. 1/30 (day 5) - pd 5: RYV, pd 6: 7/8 sopranos, pd 9: 8th grade choir, 3-4pm: CYMS GLEE
Fri. 1/31 (day 6) - pd 1: 7th grade altos/sopranos, pd 5: 8th grade altos/sopranos, pd 9: 7th grade choir

Music students: Can't wait to start creating with you :)

ALL choral paperwork is due signed for a grade after Sept 13 - please get this in for a grade.  All paperwork is now uploaded in the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS tab.

  The choral handbook that you will receive at our first meeting is available on the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS tab.  The last page must be returned to Miss Perko signed by September 13 for a grade.

-Miss Perko

ALL Raise Your Voice audition papers and listening examples can be found on the tabs to the side (Important Documents and Choir Practice Tracks- Raise Your Voice).  

The Middle School Play will take place in the FALL as soon as school starts up - paperwork is located on the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS tab and monologues for auditions will be posted closer to the start of school.

Please note that GLEE will not start until January this year.  Paperwork is also on the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS tab.


We all have a voice - how will you use yours this year?

 The weekly schedule will be updated each week on my choir pages, as well as on the announcements and monitors!  

-Miss Perko

The following will meet 9th period for chorus for the rest of the school year:

 7th grade chorus will meet every 9th period on days 2, 3 & 6!

8th grade chorus will meet every 9th period on days 4 & 5 (with an occassional day 1 full graded sectional)- in chorus room!

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Rhythm Unit  Rhythm Unit   Rhythm Unit   Rhythm Unit   Rhythm Unit        
Rhythm Unit
CYMS Students Rocking Out in the Rhythm Unit!



It is exact, specific, and it demands specific acoustics.  A conductor's full score is a chart, a graph, which indicates frequencies, volume changes, melody, and harmony all at once and with the most exact control of time.


It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions which must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper.


Many musical terms are in Italian, German or French, and the notation is certainly not English - but a highly developed type of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas.  The semantics of music is the most complete and universal language.


Music often reflects the political and social atmosphere of the time in which it was created.


It requires fantastic coordination of the fingers, hands, arms, lips, cheeks, and facial muscles, in addition to extraordinary control of the diaphragmatic, back, stomach and chest muscles, which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets.



-Frank Crawford, Music Showcase Education Rep.


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Welcome to Miss Perko's General Music Homepage.

The Central York School District has been named to the

Best Communities for Music Education in America list for 2014!!!!


Our class will explore four major units of study:


We will be exploring the basic elements of rhythm while playing on various percussion instruments.  You will be able to identify the elements of rhythm, along with rhythmic values and meter.  You will also get to compose and perform rhythm in your Rhythmic Composition project!


We will be examining the basic elements of playing the guitar, along with it's history. You will be able to play simple melodies and chord changes throughout this unit, which you will use to accompany songs in class and in your JINGLE project!


Building on what we have learned in the rhythm unit, we will be introduced to the basic elements of the keyboard instrument and it's history.  We will also discuss a brief history of Western Music in general.  You will be able to play and read music for the keyboard instrument and will examine it's versatility throughout different eras and genres in history.  This unit includes a Theme and Variation Project.


Technology is ever changing and advancing, therefore for our final unit, we will learn the basic elements of using Garage Band including recording and remixing techniques.  Depending on the year, you will either create your own soundtrack to a silent film, or create a RONDO utilizing the musical skills you have developed throughout the class.

Regular Bell Schedule:

HR/1st Period (Sectionals) 7:50-8:37

2nd Period (GM) 8:40-9:23

3rd Period (GM)  9:26-10:09

4th Period (GM) 10:12-10:55

5th Period (GM) 10:58-11:41

6th Period (GM)  11:44-12:27

7th Period (Sectionals) 12:30-1:13

8th Period (Sectionals) 1:16-1:59

9th Period (Chorus Rehearsal) 2:02-2:45

Prep - Miss Perko's Prep Period

GM - General Music Classes

Chorus : (follow your schedule for the first week of classes, however we eventually will operate with the following schedule):

 Days 2, 3, 6: 7th Grade Chorus

 Days 4, 5: 8th Grade Chorus

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