Phillips, Mrs. Linda


Mrs. Linda Phillips
Middle School Physical Education Teacher

Pick 3

during PSSA Testing
bring extra sweats and sweatshirts


Flag Football- Get outside to pass, catch and run in this unit. You will spend most of your time playing modified football games. Assessment: Written test- knowledge of the game.

Fit For Life- Enjoy a variety of fitness activities that can spark a lifetime of interest! May include aerobics videos, fitness walking, station work, zumba, yoga, pilates, etc. Assessment: Participation, Target Heart Rate Zone!

Adventure Act./Rockwall- Enjoy cooperative games and challenges that promote teamwork and trust. The unit will culminate with a few days spent climbing on the Rockwall. Assessment: Journaling

Basketball- Improve your dribbling, passing, and shooting skills as well as learn offensive and defensive strategies in the unit that will build upon your skills and allow you plenty of time to play some 3 on 3! Assessment: Written Test- knowledge of the game.

Weight Room- Practice correct form and safety as you build muscular strength and endurance in the weight room. Some instruction will focus on learning the muscles of the body. Assessment: Completion of exercise log.

Fitness Testing- See how you rank in the various components of fitness. Attempt to pass the presidential fitness challenge. Measurements of flexibility, speed, endurance, strength and agility will be performed. Assessment: Fitness Test Card

Team Games (Small Gym)- A time dedicated to fast paced and intense group games played in the small auxiliary gym. Enjoying friendly competition is a must as well as good sportsmanship! Assessment: Participation

Team Games (Large Gym)- Get involved in a variety of both old and new games such as hula hut or mat ball in the large gym. Bring a positive attitude and expect a wide variety of activities! Assessment: Participation

Tumbling/Gymnastics- Balance beam, rope, rings, parallel bars, and floor exercises complete this unit! Do you enjoy testing your body’s strength and flexibility? Come show us what you can do, or try something new! Assessment: Completion of related skills card.

Tennis/Badminton- Try your hand at the world’s favorite net games! The majority of time will be spent learning correct racquet technique in the game of tennis. Scoring will be discussed. Badminton if time allows! Assessment: Skills test and/or written test-knowledge of the game.

Volleyball- In this unit we will teach you correct technique for the bump, set and serve as well as rules of the game. You will play 6v6 volleyball, in a tournament fashion. Assessment: Individual and Group Skills Test

Soccer- Run, kick, pass, defend and score in this foot-eye coordination unit. Enjoy learning and practicing soccer skills outside as well as some game time. Assessment: Written test- knowledge of the game

Track and Field- Come give it a go at the long jump, high jump, or even hurdles! Pass the baton in relay style races or sprint your way to the finish! See if you have what it takes to run long distance or throw a shot put! Assessment: Written test -knowledge of the game.

Physical Education Syllabus

- Fitness Testing
- Anatomy & Physiology
- Strength, Coordination, & Balance
- Weight Training
- Rock Climbing
- Tennis
- Cooperative Games
- Team Sports

Middle School PE Grading:



100% - 95% = Outstanding

94% - 65% = Satisfactory

64% - 0% = Unsatisfactory


Students will have the opportunity to earn 5 points per day in PE Class. Class meets approximately 22 times per marking period, allowing for a total of 110 points.  These points will be assigned in advance, with deductions taken as necessary, on a daily basis.


It is expected that students will arrive to class on time, dress appropriately, participate with a positive attitude, and perform skills to the best of their ability, and demonstrate knowledge of material.


The following are examples of loss points:

Lateness to class

Borrowing a uniform (any component)

Not following directions

Refusal to participate

Poor Sportsmanship

Severe behaviors, which require removal from class, may warrant a total loss of points for the day.


** Flex Time will be an opportunity to make up points that have been lost in PE classes. Those students wishing to make up points should contact their PE Teacher.


Dress Code:  Physical Education students will be required to wear the school issued uniform, which consists of a gray t-shirt and black shorts.

Uniforms are available in the office: Shirt $6.00, Shorts $8.00, Bag $6.00 (optional).

Sneakers that tie and/or can be securely fastened are also required.

*No jewelry can be worn for the safety of all students.

*No Gum


Medical Excuse Notes: All excuse notes must be taken to the nurse’s office BEFORE physical education class.